About Me


I’m passionate about efficiency. Finding the bottlenecks that make us miserable in our day-to-day. Not avoiding these things because they are hard, but because it is the right thing to do. I enjoy figuring out a path to remove those barriers to create a better quality of life for everyone. My mind has always allowed me to imagine a roadmap, a list of items, the dependencies that exist between them and the order in which they need to be done in.

I’m constantly bucking the convention of “that’s how we’ve always done it”. After a while this must stop being the reason we don’t progress and make things better. Finding a balance between pragmatism and incremental gains, I’m always striving to leave something behind that is better than the way I found it. I care about creating safe environments where people do their best work, positioning people outside their comfort zone but offering enough support to ensure they don’t become frustrated, overwhelmed and give up.

Most Recently

Most recently I’ve been working with a couple of early-stage SaaS companies offering a mixture of development work, primarily Python, though one project is in Elixir, Linux system’s administration and infrastructure type work. GitHub Actions, Terraform, CI/CD deployment to Fly.io (Flask, Phoenix and Static websites). Some of the development work was around OAuth and Stripe integration. One of these projects included a SendGrid PoC. I don’t know JavaScript and I’m not a front-end developer (I can write CSS and HTML, but probably not “good” CSS or HTML).

  • If you have Terraform that’s not very good, that you can’t confidently run, I can help clean it up.
  • If your build is too slow, perhaps I can make it faster or at least help tell you where its slow.
  • If you have too many manual steps in your build/deployment pipeline, I can help automate some of that away.
  • If your AWS spend is too high, perhaps I can make some recommendations on where to cut costs.
  • If you moved fast and broke stuff to ship that MVP, and you’ve found some success, but now you’re surrounded by past decisions and gaps. I can help fill those gaps and address those decisions and put some structure in your processes and procedures.
  • If you don’t have the budget for your first FTE Ops person, but you want a good foundation or you have a few things you know you need, but they’re a distraction from what you’re good at. I can likely help.
  • If you lack confidence in your deploys or you’re plagued by outages as a result of deploys, I can likely help.